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Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Perhaps you're feeling down, confused or anxious - maybe you're unsure about an upcoming life transition or the future of a relationship, or you have the impression that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever troubles you, I am here to offer support. Counselling is a process of self-discovery, growth and positive change in which client and counsellor work together as equals. Thanks to my professional experience with clients from a variety of backgrounds (age, culture, faith, education, disabilities etc.), I will adapt to your individual circumstances and help you get back on track.


Chiswick, London


Nowadays, many clients prefer working from a distance for a number of reasons, such as frequent travel, work/family obligations, poor mobility, convenience, affordability etc. or they live abroad but prefer to work with a counsellor who speaks their own language. Others fear that those around them might not accept personal or family matters being discussed with a professional and they appreciate the additional discretion of online contact.

I therefore also offer telephone and online sessions via secure video sessions. Telephone and online counselling are similar to traditional therapy. The only difference is that the conversation takes place online or by telephone.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place once a week, always at the same time. During travel/work intensive periods, other modalities such as fortnightly sessions may be offered. Please contact me to learn when slots are currently available.

Both short-term and long-term options are offered during the working week and on Sundays. There are clients who prefer the short-term option as they simply want to get a “little help” with a specific issue, to prepare themselves for an important transition or to kick-start introspection. Others contact me because they want to explore an issue that runs deeper, because they seek support during a particularly stressful period in their life or because they feel the need to reflect on their past and how it influences their behavior and decisions in the present. These clients may engage in sessions for several months.

When we meet for the first time, I encourage new clients to explain what topic/s they want to explore and what kind of help they seek. If they have never seen a counsellor before, they will most likely want to learn how counselling works. At the end of this 1st session, clients will know if my services are the type of support they need and if we can work well together.

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