"There are 7 billion versions of normal.
With 7 billion unique people on the planet,
there’s no such thing as ‘normal’.
Some of us just need a bit of extra help sometimes."

(BUPA UK Mental Health Hub)


Integrative & Transcultural Counselling

  • Telephone, online & in person sessions

  • Weekly 50-minutes (same day/same time)

  • Daytime on weekdays & Sundays

  • Short-term & long-term

  • Free cancellation 24 hours before session

  • 15-minute free of charge telephone/online contact before first booking

  • You can stop booking appointments anytime

 WHAT TO EXPECT FROM SESSIONS (click here for more information) 

If you come to see a counsellor, you want to explore issues that are personal and often highly sensitive. I therefore offer a confidential, non-judgmental space for my clients when I meet them in person or via secure telecommunication services.


  • Exile, migration, global nomadism, belonging, cultural identity, cross-cultural transitions

  • Coping with everyday challenges

  • General mental health

  • Anxiety, panic attacks

  • Loss, bereavement

  • Stress management

  • Guilt, shame, self-hatred

  • Interpersonal relationship problems

  • Faith-related issues

  • Trauma, PTSD, dissociation, experience of war

  • Domestic violence, physical, emotional & sexual abuse

  • Psychoeducation around mental health



Asking for help takes a lot of courage.

Most of my clients therefore prefer to speak to me over the phone or via video call before making their first appointment. I offer 15-minute telephone/online conversations free of charge so that we can discuss whatever you wish to know before taking a decision. Please do not hesitate and contact me to see what I can do for you.


Research shows that people make the best therapeutic progress when they feel that they have a good working relationship with a trustworthy therapist, irrespective of the particular therapeutic approach this person offers. I therefore encourage my clients to choose a therapist with whom they really feel comfortable, safe and at easy. Book a first session to see if I am THIS counsellor for you.


  • Sliding scale of rates depending on the location/time slot for therapy.

  • Reduced fees for students.

  • Please contact me for details.


In the UK, I have experience seeing local and international clients at a variety of mental health services including:

  • Sangam - Association of Asian Women, London

  • Barnet Refugee Service, London

  • CPPD Counselling Services, London




I speak English, French, German and Spanish.