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Intercultural Training & Workshops

Certified "Intercultural Trainer" (University Jena/Germany)


I offer different formats of tailor-made in-house intercultural training and workshops as well as cross-cultural coaching and culture mentoring such as:

  • Country-specific cross-cultural training (e.g. France, Germany, UK, Gulf Region)

  • Cultural Awareness Training

  • Benefits and Challenges of High Mobility Lifestyle

  • 101 - Moving and Living Abroad

  • Raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

  • TCKs, Adult TCKs and Other Cross-Cultural Individuals

  • Culture shock and Re-Entry shock

  • Returning "Home"

  • How to provide Culture-Sensitive Counselling

Lecturer of workshops “Growing Up and Living in Different Cultures” to mental health professionals at the annual meeting of psychotherapists in Lindau/Germany.

Seminars and workshops can be held in English, German, French and Spanish.

Please get in touch to learn more.

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